Company Profile

Studying abroad has become a popular trend which leads to the higher demand and desire for international education and cultural exchange. Fortunately, Nietzsche Education originated early in the field of studying abroad and experienced as well as witnessed the tide of The Times. In the course of development, we endure great hardships in pioneer work and commit to provide students with exclusive ongoing consulting services instead of pipeline operation which is more marketable. In the meantime, by continuously providing innovative service models in the field of education to better meet the individual needs of students in the application process, we strive to tailor our own customized services for each client.

Acting locally in Taiwan, Nietzsche Education has been deeply rooted in China mainland with over 3000 served clients ranged from kindergarten to master and doctoral applications over the past 22 years, which shows the profound inside background of Nietzsche Education. As become a leading brand of studying abroad solutions, Nietzsche Education often accept the invitation of the television network media to record special Programs, exploring the trend of studying abroad. Meanwhile, we regularly hold promotional activities to shorten the distance between students and overseas universities, such as Open Day, Study Abroad Sharing Meeting for Old and New Students, book lists of elite schools, reading salons and education exhibitions. Our thematic commentaries are regularly published in major mainstream media and are highly praised by people in education circles at home and abroad. In addition to professional consulting services, we also provide comprehensive overseas support for students during their study. Our service at home and abroad provides a reassuring backing for more and more young accompanying parents. It enables Nietzsche Education one of the most trusted high-end brands of professional overseas study in the eyes of high-end families on cross-strait that we provide high-end customers with comprehensive services such as overseas property purchase and investment immigration, and help hundreds of families to realize their dreams and settle down abroad.

Upholding the devotion of people-oriented , we serve each customer well and take root in business without too much publicity. We show the strength of Nietzsche Education with strong resources and many successful cases, and are unique in the industry. Under the personal chairmanship of the founder Mr Steve Kao and the sincere cooperation of the dedicated team, Nietzsche Education has become the most popular institute for many famous western universities to visit both sides of the Taiwan Strait. 

Due to the raging global pandemic in 2020, Nietzsche Education has suffered a huge impact. However, we are well aware of the great responsibility and are united and survived in peace; In the post-epidemic era, we will keep peace with the times and hire famous British teachers in various disciplines to provide more comprehensive and effective online teaching, strengthen the professional quality of the consultant team, provide more diversified study abroad options, and strive to create a happy study abroad journey with high gold content and valuable value for each customer.