King's School International visited Nietzsche's Shanghai headquarters on December 17, 2018

On Friday, November 23, The King's School International, a branch of The King's School Canterbury, visited Nietzsche's Shanghai headquarters.This is the new international school that opened in September. It's a new member of the king family!Mr Geoff Cocksworth is the head of global king's international school. He used to be the deputy head of king's school. He has been working at king's school for over 20 years.So today Nietzsche is going to tell us about this new international school.

King's School International 到访尼采文教上海总部

Mr. Steve Kao,  CEO of Nietzsche Education, posed pictures with Mr. Geoff Cocksworth

Kings School,Canterbury, is a private boarding School.The school has long been considered the oldest in England.It is located in the Canterbury cathedral district and st. Austin Abbey.It is a world heritage site and has been a mecca for education since 597 BC, when the Catholic church was brought to England by st Austin.King's college receives more than one million visitors from all over the world every year. They come from different cultural backgrounds.

King's School International 到访尼采文教上海总部

The existing members of the king's school family are king's school of Canterbury, king's preparatory school of Canterbury, king's international school of England and king's shenzhen international school.King of England international school is formally established in September 2018 in Canterbury, it will offer a 12 to 16 years old boys and girls from all over the world, providing them with a real boarding, internationalization of English learning environment, helping international students more quickly into the atmosphere of English conversation and get a more comprehensive and the best English education experience.

It also maintains the consistent philosophy of the 'king family', with rigorous and flexible curriculum and appropriate education according to the characteristics of different ages.Pay attention to the moral, intellectual and physical development of every student;Train them to be independent and responsible people.Students at king's international school are free to choose where they will graduate from and are encouraged to enter king's school successfully after 1-2 years of hard work.

t is worth mentioning that the President of king's international school is a husband and wife. They both graduated from Oxford University. Mr. Bill Prior is a graduate of 1st class of Oxford University.

King's international school has 25 boarding beds and will have more than 80 next year to welcome more international students.If you are also interested in the 'king family' school, welcome to inquire, Nietzsche will give a more detailed answer!

King's School International 到访尼采文教上海总部

School information

Location: Canterbury

Enrollment age: male and female students aged 12-16

School costs: £42,000/ academic year

School website: