Millfield middle school visited Nietzsche headquarters: future elite, set sail here on September 19, 2008

Millfield School, founded in 1935, is one of Britain's prestigious and oversized private boarding schools.Every student and parent who has visited millfield has marveled at its size and facilities.Nietzsche visited muirfield middle school for many times and cooperated with the school to shoot a documentary.The school also paid a return visit to Nietzsche's Taipei branch.Now the school also officially visited Nietzsche Shanghai headquarters!

On September 17th Mr James Postle, the school's admissions officer, visited Nietzsche to bring us the latest news.Millfield school: future elite, set sail here!


Mr James Postle, Admission Officer, is making a Presentation for Nietzsche team

Millfield secondary school is located in the beautiful and pleasant Somerset county in southwest England, with convenient transportation, only 2 hours' drive from London.The school enjoys a high reputation among students and parents both at home and abroad.It can be said that Millfield is a very international school with a high proportion of international students of 20%.The school has the best middle school facilities in the UK. It is known for its elite education and comprehensive cultivation of students' abilities.

▼School history

In 1935, the founder of Millfield, JackMeyer, returned to England from his trade in India, accompanied by six Indian princes.Jack mayer was entrusted with the best education for the six princes, and the Millfield school was founded.The school is located in Millfield House of Clarks family, which is the name of the school.

Jack mayer was a truly visionary educator, a legendary cricketer in the history of the university of Cambridge. With his outstanding educational spirit and unique philosophy, he led the rapid growth of an excellent teaching team, making muilfield one of the best in all fields of the industry.Muirfield pursues the development of students in all aspects, not only in their studies, but also in sports, art, self-confidence and personality building.


Jack Mayer, founder of Millfield

▼Millfield schoolmates

In 1942, clement Richard attlee, the former British prime minister, sent his dyslexic son Martin attlee to millfield.Martin attlee went on to achieve great personal success, inheriting his father's title of earl and a seat in the house of lords.Muirfield became the first school in the UK to help dyslexic students achieve success and rose to fame in the UK.In its nearly 80-year history, Millfield's graduates have spread across the globe, becoming prominent figures in politics, finance, the arts and sports.Muirfield had become the private boarding school of choice for the children of the royal families of Europe and the aristocrats of all countries.

Famous alumni

Maha Vajiralongkorn ,  the current king of Thailand

Ian Liddell-Grainger,  A famous British politician and great-great-grandson of queen Victoria

TimothyTsun-Ting Fok,  a Hong Kong legislator, President of the Hong Kong Olympic committee and the eldest son of Fok ying-tung

John Sergeant,  BBC chief political correspondent

Peter Wilson, Olympic gold medalist in men's UFO shooting

Helen Glover,  a gold medalist in the women's double sculls

Joey Barrington,  a world-class British squash player

Mary bignall-rand , Olympic gold medalist in the long jump

Mark Foster ,  a British swimmer and former world record holder in the 25m and 50m freestyle

Duncan Goodhew , Olympic gold medalist and former captain of the British swimming team

Gareth Edwards,  former England and wales rugby captain

Rotimi fanni-kayode,  a famous artist and co-organizer of ABP, the association of black photographers

Stewart Copeland , The Police

Lily Allen,  a famous British female singer and songwriter

Nicolette Sheridan,  'desperate housewives' actress and golden globe winner


▼Full boarding

Millfield secondary school is an all-boarding school with 19 beautiful dormitories for boys and girls, each of which is managed by a housemaster.With the help and guidance of senior housemaster, a warm and supportive atmosphere is created.The dormitory is well equipped, including kitchen, common room, study room, and wireless network coverage.Schools want students to learn how to build good interpersonal relationships.

In the dormitory building, students often participate in some social activities like competitions, including debate competitions, chorus and so on.The school not only teaches and organizes activities for students from Monday to Friday, but also arranges various extracurricular activities for students on weekends, so as to ensure that every student can gain more from boarding life.Residential students can enjoy the school's full range of academic, artistic and sports facilities, including the music activity centre, equestrian centre, Olympic swimming pool and indoor tennis centre.In addition, there is an excellent medical center with a professional medical team serving students all day long.


The school firmly believes in comprehensive education and provides students with a wide range of activities and Tours to help them explore their interests and have fun.The school has more than 100 different activities, most of which are free, such as croquet, knitting, drama, lacrosse, photography and rowing.Other activities, such as falconry, skeet shooting, scuba diving, mixed martial arts, jewelry making, cooking and snooker, charge for materials or extra.At the same time, the school also provides students with a variety of outdoor activities, such as archery, kayaking, cave exploration, mountaineering and sailing, to help them improve their skills, physical and psychological quality.

The school has 350 concert halls, first-class sound effects and magnificent stage.The school also has 25 practice rooms, rehearsal venues and recording studios.Students can join various music groups, such as symphony orchestra, brass band, string band, jazz band, school choir and chamber choir.Music groups regularly hold concerts in school halls, local churches and elsewhere.The school offers music classes in a variety of Musical Instruments, such as orchestra, piano, guitar, drum, harp and singing.

米尔菲尔德中学到访尼采总部:未来精英,在这里起航Mr. Steve Kao, CEO of Nietzsche Education, took a photo with Mr. James Postle, Admission Officer of the school

This is the full report of the visit to muirfield middle school. If you are also interested in this prestigious university, and if you have more questions to answer about studying in the UK, please feel free to contact us.