Swiss famous international family school, La Garenne International School, visited Nietzsche headquarters on March 15, 2011

On Thursday, March 8, Beijing time, La Garenne International School, a famous Swiss School located in a famous ski resort in the Alps, visited Nietzsche's Shanghai headquarters.This is Ms. Celine Gelli, the admissions officer.In fact, Mr. Gregory Mean, the headmaster of the school, had visited Nietzsche before and reached a friendly cooperation consensus with him. The school also granted Nietzsche an honorary power of attorney.Nietzsche is the school's designated recruiting agency in China.Then the following small make up with you to review the visit of the elite schools it ~

After visiting Nietzsche's headquarters, the admissions officer, Celine Gelli, was full of praise and expressed her willingness to work with such a professional and efficient organization as Nietzsche.Later, Celine Gelli lady brought us a lively speech, everyone sighed the beauty of the school and the students happy growth and learning experience, especially when we see in the video in school and 4 years old child can the help of the teacher in order to study and life, have to exclamation takes good care of school for students and to help their growth.

La Garenne International School was founded in 1947 as a private School for primary and secondary School students in the Alps.Operated and managed by Mean family, it has been passed down for 2 generations.The school is located in the famous ski resort of villars-sur-ollon in the Alps, which provides a safe learning environment for the children.Each semester, we enroll 80 residential students, 30 day students, ages 4 to 14, from more than 30 countries.

La Garenne prides herself on being bilingual in English and French, making it natural for children to become bilingual experts.During the course, students follow the IPC & IMYC and learn and become familiar with French in a natural way.We also have a special 'pilot course' for all students who want to join Lagrange school during the semester, providing them with the opportunity to experience being a Lagrange school student for a short period of time.In addition, Lagrange school has officially become a member of the CIS (council of international schools) in order to offer an internationally recognised programme in the UK.It is also the designated preparation center of Cambridge and delf-dalf.

The school attracts families from 30 countries to bring their children here at an early age precisely because it has three characteristics: outstanding academic success, the close relationship between the school and each family and the students, and the unparalleled beauty of the campus.Graduates from the school can be interviewed for admission to top Swiss schools such as Beau Soleil, with the majority going on to the next stage of high school in Switzerland, the UK and the us.

The boarding environment of the school is also great.Boys and girls have separate dormitory Spaces.The dormitories are spacious and bright, overlooking the Alps.Two to four children are accommodated in each dormitory, each with a desk and wardrobe.The dormitory is used for study and rest.Each child in the downstairs locker room has a locker for outdoor sportswear and equipment.

There are two teaching systems at La Garenne international school, the French department and the English department.Within the department of French teaching, students are divided into the junior group (ages 7-10) and the senior group (ages 11-13).In the English teaching department, students are divided into kindergarten group (4-7 years old), junior group (8-10 years old) and senior group (11-13 years old).

High standards of academic pursuit and inspiring teaching environment provide a good platform for each student's development.By studying in school, every student is encouraged to show his or her unique talents, interests and talents.The school sets 8 goals for students: communication, cooperation, respect, ethics, adaptation, thinking, resilience and exploration are the core ideas, encouraging students to think and strengthen their personal development.

In addition to academic achievement, from the school's point of view, sports and cultural activities are crucial to the development of students.These activities will not only enrich the child's vision, but also provide important support for his all-round development.It is in recognition of the importance of sports and cultural activities that schools arrange different types of activities for students every afternoon and weekend.Sports, recreation and exploration, friendship and personal development are also the focus of  La Garenne students' study and life.

Examples of student activities

Individual and team sports: football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, softball

Exploration and mountaineering activities: hiking, mountaineering, skating, regatta, bonfire party

Recreational activities: table tennis, bed jumping, cycling around the lake, bowling, movies

Cultural and educational activities: visiting museums, visiting places of interest, learning about Swiss traditions, all kinds of art activities

Fun activities: night club, talent show, large outdoor activities

In particular, the school has 42 days of skiing lessons every year, which is also very popular among students.In addition, the school has 28 clubs to choose from, among which the language club offers more than 10 languages for students to learn from the simplest start.Usually, after the first year of school, students can already learn a new language and carry on simple daily conversations.There are also 14 weekends in the year when the school organizes hiking activities for students, and 19 different countries or regions for fun and study.

The school also has summer camps for students ages 5 to 13. Students can choose from two -, four - or six-week camps.