Tonbridge School visited Nietzsche head  office again aftering the May’s visiting

11th Jul. Of Beijing time, Mr Andrew Leale,the admissions director of Tonbridge School, visited Nietzsche head  office again aftering the May’s visiting. 

Nietzsche international cultural and educational institution, as the first domestic authority focusing on young studying abroad, with 18 years’ professional experience of young studying in Britain,has been being  the only designated recruitment agency and the examination site in China of Tonbridge School since 2013, and inviting the school come to China to interview the students every year.Nowadays, Nietzsche also selected academic excellent students to participate in the interview (who has passed the Nietzsche's first test).

Mr Andrew Leale is teaching students


Tonbridge middle school has already been an old friend of Nietzsche Education, admissions director Mr Andrew Leale is also Nietzsche's frequent guest, who visits yearly and offers interview for excellent students. May of this year,when Nietzsche Education and henan TV station was making the high-quality documentary 'young stduding abroad documentary ”, they chose a site of Tonbridge middle school and  interviewed  Mr Andrew Leale face to face(stamp here can review eggs).If  you are interested in this famous boys-only schol,  welcome to consulting!

One of the three biggest boy’s school in Britain


Tonbridge School,founded in 1553, located inTonbridge town  of Kent, England. The school is both classical and modern, with a history of more than 450 years giving it a strong academic atmosphere.It is one of the top boys' schools, after Eton College and Harrow School, and the top three in the country.Nearly a quarter of the students go to Oxford every year and do well academically.

With 28 football fields and all kinds of advanced equipment, the school was once used as the training base for the 2012 Olympic Games.The school cultivated many famous athletes, such as Dan Cherry, a bowler playing for glamorgan, baron Colin Cowdrey, a famous player, and the famous Keane band was also born there.'Downton Abbey' actor Dan Stevens attended tonbridge college before moving on to Cambridge university.The school is strong enough to admit the best students in China.I am proud that the only Chinese student who was admitted to tonbridge college in September 2016 the year before last was from Nietzsche.