Lucton School, a century-old prestigious School in Britain, visited Nietzsche's Shanghai headquarters on 1st Aug. 2017

On July 14, Beijing time, Mrs Gill Thorne, principal of Lucton School, and Mr Paul Thorne, financial director of Lucton School visited the Shanghai headquarters of Nietzsche culture and education for a visit and exchange.The principal and his wife also visited Nietzsche last year for exchange, and have already established a friendly cooperative relationship with him! So this time the principal and his wife also brought good news. There are still three places left for the enrollment in September 2017. Nietzsche is the authorized examination center of Lucton School, so the interview can be made completed in Nietzsche.

Founded in 1708, Lucton School is a prestigious School with a history of more than 300 years.In order to deepen Nietzsche's team's understanding of the school and share the latest news of the school with Nietzsche's team, the principal and his wife gave Nietzsche's team a vivid presentation in the multi-functional meeting room.The Lucton School currently has 366 students, including 50 international students.The school is small but warm. In the words of the principal, it is 'a warm and happy family life and learning atmosphere'.The School attaches great importance to the development of students' personality, and the implementation of small class teaching allows teachers to take care of every student. The School features small class teaching with an average of about 12 students, which can be maintained even in the Senior School.In addition, it is worth mentioning that the staff turnover of the school is very low and stable, which also contributes to the steady growth of students.

Some free EAL (English as an Addintional Language) courses are offered for international students to help them improve their English faster.The school does not have small weekends, only mid-term holidays for international students.The school sports activities are various and colorful, as well as their own riding grounds, stables.According to the couple, the farm was built to the scale of the Olympics and the children could take care of their ponies.In addition, the school holds a formal dinner every semester, where children can wear formal clothes and drink champagne to improve their social etiquette and norms.It is worth mentioning that the school will run Summer Course every year, which is very colorful and suitable for students who want to experience the life of British boarding school.

Finally, let me remind my friends who are interested in Lucton school! There are still three places left for the enrollment of Lucton School in September this year. Those who are interested in studying in the UK should not miss this excellent opportunity! For more September 2017 admission opportunities, please contact us.